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Trinity Globaltech (TGT) Policy

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Performance Mitigation Policy

Trinity continuously monitors the performance of its resources and ensures that service delivery meets or exceeds client expectations. However, should any need arise to replace personnel due to performance issues; we assure Wipro that we will provide an alternate resource with similar qualifications within 15 days.

Trinity ensures that it would address procedures for the timely replacement of staff if there is a case of unsatisfactory work performance, disruptive behavior in the work environment, ill health, unsuitable work profile for the assigned tasks and for any other reasons involved to terminate the assigned staff.

In case of replacements, Trinity replacement policy comprises of three policies that are:

  • Buffer Policy: Trinity for every project holds two or three additional members as a buffer. If a current working member is on leave then to avoid delays in the project immediate temporary replacement is carried out from the buffer, when the need arises.
  • Bench Policy: Trinity provides a strong reserve of manpower by putting those employees on the required development who have either completed their projects or training and are waiting for some new assignments.
  • Pool of Talents: We have access to a high number of talented & skilled resources and are competent to provide immediate replacements.

Bench Strength

The objective for the Trinity staffing practice is to deliver the right resources, at the right place, and at the right time - with optimum utilization of the client’s budget. Trinity has the ability to provide multiple alternate resources for a given assignment. In case a replacement is needed, a replacement of demonstrated similar quality, experience and knowledge can be provided with a minimum of delay.

As described in the sub sections above, we have a strong and very responsive Recruitment process. Our track record for on-boarding new talent with even 2 weeks of planning lead time is stellar. In most situations, we find that our planning lead-time tends to be significantly higher than 2 weeks. Typically, new requirements arise on the basis of competitive Task/Work Orders, or in the expansion of our current engagements with our clients. In the latter case, since our Program Managers are constantly in touch with our clients, and are in fact our clients’ trusted partners, we know about any plans they have while they are still in the formative stage. This allows us to proactively find the right people for the job, ahead of time, and create critical - talent pipeline on the chance that their plans may come to fruition.

We have an established and proven strategy on “Resourcing and Subcontractor Management” which enables us to meet the contingency in an appropriate manner. We classify our resource partners into three tiers:

  • Tier 1 - First Tier Contractors
  • Tier 2 - Current Subcontractors
  • Tier 3 - Our Technology Partners

The partners enable us to provide our customers with access to specialists and a large pool of other resources. In order to effectively manage our subcontractors, Trinity has instituted a proven subcontract management plan.