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Trinity Globaltech (TGT) Methodology

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Trinity full service Talent Acquisition Team (TAT) comprises:

Technical Recruiters

(across levels & domains) with a mix of IT and Resourcing background (1-7 years of experience)

Resourcing Managers

with a mix of Talent Acquisition, IT and Managerial background (7-12 years of experience)

HR Managers

with a mix of HR, Talent Acquisition, IT and Managerial background (7-12 years of experience)

Account Managers

with a mix of IT, Account Management & Service Delivery background (10-15 years of experience)

A panel of Technical Screening Experts (Technical Leads / Project / Program Managers)

Over the last few years, the TAT has maintained a highly effective conversion rate of 1:4 or less (Selected v/s Sourced candidates for any position).


In order to fulfill resource requirements and provide the best candidates by ensuring maximum possible conformance to our client’s set of requirements, we:

  • Utilize the pool of our existing employees / consultants: The advantage with our existing employees / consultants is that they are reliable, pre-screened and proven performers. In the event of a client requirement matching resource availability within the pool, our Managers thoroughly check for suitability and fitment by following the internal screening guidelines, before proposing candidates to the client.
  • Utilize the incumbent staff (if applicable & required): Many a times, our clients prefer retaining the incumbent staff because of their knowledge on clients’ environment / customized applications and/or high performance levels. We have a proactive hiring policy in place in order to cater to incumbent staff that ensures uninterrupted services to the client.
  • Utilize Trinity Recruiter: Trinity from various portal has created an exhaustive database of resumes on varied skill sets and experience levels that has continuously evolved. The portal database is regularly updated and maintained keeping in line with our current and medium to long-range forecast of resource requirements. The portal also contains a database of labor categories that is based on industry standard salary surveys appropriate to the areas in which we do business. The requirements from various clients we have serviced also contribute to the labor category database.
  • Source talent from varied external sources: Our recruiting staff employs 5 electronic resume bulletin boards – JobDiva, Monster, Dice, Tec fetch, LinkedIn, X-ray Search, Indeed and CareerBuilder. Apart from job portals, our recruitment team actively pursues talent identification via networking / referencing and industry / domain / skills–specific forums. From time to time, we also participate in Job Fairs.
  • Utilize a set of pre-qualified subcontractors: Trinity has independently provided numerous resources for various technologies to several commercial clients. However, on occasions, we rely on our partners (sub-contractors) to augment our staffing capabilities. We follow a tiered approach for segmenting our partners: Tier 1 – Tier 1 Contractors, Tier 2 – Subcontracting Partners, Tier 3 - Technology Partners. The subcontractors that are included in Tier 2 are those that have over a sustained period in time – proven their expertise and reliability in supporting our staffing / tech support requirements.

Our Screening Methodology:

The first step in our interview methodology is short-listing of qualified resumes by Technical Recruiters. At this stage, the Technical Recruiters conduct first level Technical Screening by juxtaposing a Job Description with our exhaustive Question Bank. The Trinity proprietary Questionnaire or a question Bank that includes thousands of questions across technologies, skill-set and domains. It is also the duty of a Technical Recruiter to verify the contents of a resume for authenticity by conducting reference checks and a thorough HR evaluation by virtue of an interview.

Following this, a Resourcing Manager conducts resume and candidate assessment. Depending on the skill-set and level of experience, he calls upon the Technical Screening Experts to conduct a thorough Technical Interview of the candidates in line with our understanding of a client requirement. Once a candidate is cleared by the Technical Screening Experts, the Resourcing Manager conducts a final round of discussion with the candidate before forwarding his resume to the Account Manager.

The Account Manager then conducts his own assessment of the candidate’s fitment vis-à-vis a client requirement - taking into consideration the feedback (which is documented in prescribed formats – at all levels) he receives from the Technical Recruiter, Resourcing Manager, and the Technical Screening Expert. It is only once the Account Manager is completely satisfied with a resume that it is presented to the client.

After we select a candidate, we conduct a thorough background check on the candidate’s education, work experience, skill set / certification and criminal record. In addition to our thorough screening, we also reply upon third party vendors like Intelius and Cleves Research to perform checks against public databases.